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Water means life

Oh sweet water!

Rain down on me

Make my seeds grow

From my cup let it flow down my throat into my veins

Refresh  Revive  Restore 

My dry soul

Let it be my right

For water means life

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Check us Out

We are located in Anaji, Takoradi, Western Region of Ghana.

Man Aqua is a family-owned business that takes pride in producing purified drinking water for residents in the surrounding area. We have been in business for two years, and we are looking to expand the products and services we provide. We offer water on a retail and wholesale basis, and we are dedicated to providing the highest quality water to our customers.

Our experienced staff is passionate about their work and their commitment to providing clean and safe drinking water for our customers. We use state-of-the-art technology to ensure that our water is free from any impurities and pollutants. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our services and products, so you can count on us to deliver the best water for your needs.

Man Aqua

This is what we do

   Man Aqua
     Who Are We

Man Aqua is a family owned business, made up of native Ghanaians and African Americans founded in 2018 with a belief that everyone deserves to have clean, affordable drinking water. Our hardworking group consists of a dedicated director, managers, packagers, and delivery personnel, all of whom are committed to providing excellence to our customers.

We produce and distribute water with                              LOVE


Man Aqua

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide clean, safe drinking water in Ghana.   We strive to develop and implement innovative technologies to improve the quality of our water and to reduce the impact of our operations on the environment. We are committed to reducing the use of single-use plastic containers, and to exploring alternative packaging options that are more sustainable and better for our planet.

We are also committed to contributing to the progress of those in the communities we serve through training and educational opportunities with the goal of producing means of self sufficiency and a sense of accomplishment.


Man Aqua

Our Mission

At Man Aqua, we are committed to our mission of providing reliable high quality and clean drinking water to our customers as an expression of love and respect. As a resource essential to life, We believe that access to clean water is a basic right. 


Our ultimate goal is to make sure that everyone has access to clean drinking water and that we are doing our part to make this a reality



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